Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Post Storm Surf Play

Leigh Stalker catching a nice one

It was one of those perfect situations for great waves just south of Campbell River at Storey's Beach. A long and quite intense  April southeaster with winds that had been blowing 25-35 knots all day along with lots of rain and fast moving grey cloud.

Then as luck would have it, the wind suddenly dropped off just as we were all off work and the sky began to clear. And the small group of us who are really active in the famed Storey's Beach Surf Club headed straight for the home Beach.
Gary and Doug had got an earlier start and  were doing a downwinder on their surf skis, but Leigh and I were on our paddleboards along with a small group of more traditional surfers.

Darcy would have been there but he and Darlene were off wave-hunting in Belize and Costa Rica.

After storm- evening light 

The light was ever changing and was quite dramatic with remnants of dark storm clouds and rain showers still around along with clearing skies and a setting sun.

Leigh's smile says it all

We've all been asked more than a few times, "How come you guys spend so much time at the same beach?"  Well, I'm finding that the more time I spend at Storey's Beach in all seasons, all weathers, tides, all times of day- it never really seems like the same beach. There are always things different from one time to the next- and it's kind of like an English garden that way. Some flower from the bouquet of potential experiences to be had there is always in bloom.

Paul Kendrick

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